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Be impeccable with your word

Last night I spoke to the student chapter of our local Public Relations Society of America chapter. They asked me to share the secrets of success in public relations. What were the things they needed to know but hadn't yet learned?

One of my points: as they start their careers and then for evermore, they need to try to be impeccable with their word. In public relations that means do what you say, keep your promises, don't overpromise, and don't tell someone something just because they want to hear it - it has to be the truth.

It's an important responsibility to monitor the outflow of words that spill from brain to mouth to the ears of others. Practicing being impeccable with your word will not only create ethical and realistic practitioners, but also improve all relationships.

Awareness of being impeccable just may mean that a snarky comment goes unsaid, an overdue compliment is paid, and personal reputations are enhanced. In his book "The Four Agreements" Don Miguel Ruiz has identified "being impeccable with your word" as one of the four agreements. It's worth reading. More importantly, it's worth practicing.


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