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Getting to the perfect idea

I'm working with a client in coming up with a perfect name for their project. It has to be descriptive, engaging and clever, and impress a range of target audiences.

Because of an availability issue, another communications firm had taken first whack at creating the name. None resonated. My client was exasperated because she and her team had devoted substantial time to provide thoughtful input for the name. She said it was like the firm totally ignored or discarded what was shared.

Getting to the perfect idea takes time. There are rare occasions when the words and concepts fly together perfectly and the "aha!" idea is born in record time. More often though, numerous folks on one end of the project task the creative team (firm) with coming up with the perfect idea. Then what happens?

Sometimes the input provided to creatives isn't fully articulated, but through the process, it gets there in time. Sometimes as a concept is taking form, it gets changed. And sometimes, creative folks think they know better than their clients (who have imposed impossible deadlines) and they don't use their best listening skills.

Whatever the circumstance, it is possible to get to the perfect idea if everyone who cares about the topic works together, listens well, doesn't care who gets the credit, and has courage to share their best thinking (even if it's different).

Perfect ideas can be born quickly or slowly. And we all have within us the capacity to create them.

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