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Confidence from the Little Things

Every minute of every day, someone is judging our performance or that of our organizations. Much hoopla surrounds the BIG things, but what matters is how do we do the little things: being on time; producing written materials with no errors, answering phones quickly, leading with kindness, keeping things clean - you get the idea.

If we don't master the little things, how will folks have confidence that we can tackle the big stuff and do it well? Sometimes the little things are overlooked because the big things are sexy and glitzy and, well, BIG! Big things demand our attention and get it.

The little things are the drumbeat of who we really are. Those big things come and go but it's the steady rhythm of doing the little things perfectly that likely determines our success, and will lead to success with the big things.

There are many sayings about enjoying and appreciating the little things and that's a good reminder. We also have a responsibility to make sure the little things go right and they won't unless we focus on them and hold them in high regard.

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