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Why Weird Works

It seems like our newsfeeds are full of people with questionable/unethical/immoral behavior who get lots of attention because of it. I suspect that most of them seek the attention that comes from their flubs. So many people seem gripped with a desperate need for others to recognize their individuality. And those we assess who have stepped out too far are considered weird. But weird works and I'll tell you why.

You are one-of-a-kind. You instinctively know that you are unique. In all of time, there has only been one of you. We devote our time, our money and our spirit trying to create and express our individuality. We wear interesting outfits, get tattooed, pierced and surgically altered, so that we can express our "true" selves.

If that’s what you need to do, go ahead. But the core truth is that you know you are one-of-a-kind. You change remarkably every single day. You probably haven’t noticed, but the one-hour-old you is vastly different from the one-year-old you, the 30-year-old you and the 50-year-old you. Some say it’s aging, but it’s just changing. You are continually changing into a different person every day. And probably becoming more yourself.

When you don't align with what others think is "normal", you may be labeled as weird. But I think weird people are the most authentic people out there. They may not say or do what our perception is of what "regular" people say or do, but the weird often put truth to power regularly, quickly and accurately. Labels come and go and you can be sure that at any time in your life, your thoughts (your "weird") will bother someone somewhere.

Be yourself. Always in all ways. Some may find it weird, but there is power in actions that force us from thinking patterns in which we're stuck.

When we accept the truth - that we are all individuals with different thoughts, tastes, beliefs and goals - we take a step towards understanding that each of us has an important role during our time on the planet. Especially those you consider weird. Listen and accept without judgment. Then let your own weird shine!

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