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It's the most I can do

Do you find yourself getting into a pickle because you don’t know how to politely decline a request? We all have our favorite causes, whether professional, faith-based, non-profit, family or friend-related.

Our heart is in the right place when we give to and serve the things and people we care about. And in our spirit of giving, we feel it’s the least we can do because we have giving hearts and gratitude for our lives.

You can do anything. You can’t do everything. It takes practice to decline someone’s request, whether it’s giving money, time or meals. But you have to put your giving right in the target of the bull’s eye because there are a zillion causes and opportunities. Some you’ll care about more than others. Those that capture your heart are those you pursue.

You should never be guilted, bullied or shamed into a cause. So practice saying, “Thanks for the offer but I can’t do it at this time,” or “I’m glad you are so enthusiastic, but I’m focusing my resources in another direction that I’m passionate about,” or “Sorry. No. I wish you the best.” It’s the most you can do.

Follow your passion, not your guilt.

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