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Always Settle for More

In life, we often make concessions. We do this to advance projects, to be a kind partner, or to simply move the conversation along. It's great to be flexible and conciliatory and to accommodate others.

But when this becomes a habit instead of a decision, one day we may notice we're far off course and we wonder how that happened. We're not doing the things we want with the people we like at a place we love. And in reflection, we've settled for less.

I want to challenge you to settle for more. Raise your thinking about your future, your career, your relationships, your money, and your experiences. Settle for more joy, more laughter, more grace, more love and more wealth. As you value yourself and settle for more, you're more of a blessing to others at work, home and the community.

It's not a selfish pursuit. It's a pursuit of purpose, of honesty, and of happiness that will inspire others to do the same. When we expect the best we often get it. When we settle for more, we're closer to leading the lives that we always wanted.

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