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Gripes be gone

At dinner the other night I was accidentally eavesdropping (yes, I admit it) on a nearby table, fascinated by their round-robin of complaining. One gripe led to the next and so on.

I thought it was a terrible way to spend time. Here they were in a nice restaurant, spending time with friends. Perhaps that’s their group norm, but it’s one I don’t understand.

We sometimes have a need to complain - to get things off our chest so that we can move on. But there’s danger in holding onto a gripe for too long; in complaining without a plan to move beyond it.

We all have challenges and disappointments, and times when it’s super difficult to move beyond our angst. But we have choices on how we handle our issues.

Gripe and be done with it. Create a plan to make things better. Talk about topics that make you happy. If you’re concerned about something in the world or your neighborhood, get involved and make a difference. Volunteer.

It’s fine to grumble sometimes, but don’t let complaining become a habit because positive people will drift away. Change your approach to life’s challenges and it can change your life.

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