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Recognition Programs


Recognizing team members is essential to happiness, building culture and recruiting and retaining staff. In survey after survey, feeling appreciated and valued is ranked at the top of what employees say they want from their organization and their leaders – even more than salary and benefits. A study by Forbes noted that organizations without established recognition programs tend to underperform their peers.


Many organizations recognize employee longevity, also known as tenure-based awards (or as some employees call it, “time served.”) But programs like this don’t recognize achievement nor results and rarely advance your organization’s mission or goals.


Idea Emporium will help you develop a custom recognition program that addresses what you want to recognize. There’s a saying that goes, “praise what you want to raise.” Recognition programs will not only support your mission and goals, but also tap into areas that are sometimes seen as intangible by employers: building loyalty; upholding organization culture; trust; and morale.


  • Employee recognition

  • Client appreciation

  • Original, one-of-a-kind handcrafted awards from Awards Emporium





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