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Killer Idea vs. Idea Killer

I had a discussion last week with an idea visionary. He had a terrific creative concept for a group he successfully worked with last year. In fact, he had a KILLER IDEA! The concept would build on last year's campaign and open it up to new, dynamic possibilities while costing them next to nothing. The group rejected it in favor of continuing with last year's "new" concept.

The killer idea faced-off with the idea killers. And lost.

There are dozens of reasons why killer ideas get buried: lack of interest, fear of change, not enough budget, "if it ain't broke..." and so on, blah, blah, blah. In this case, the client lacked energy and drive to move forward.

New ideas are what keep organizations relevant. And in business, it's rare to find folks who can consistently churn out killer ideas. If you find this species, hang on to them! Organizations are stuffed to the gills with idea killers.

Windsong Productions in Fresno says of ideas: "Everything is fighting to be crap!" They pride themselves on sticking up for the idea by being its champion and protecting the essence of the idea from those who would reduce it to, well, crap. A noble cause indeed. And they do it nicely.

We should all take up the cause and pledge to produce the best killer ideas we can or locate and support those who do, without becoming platitudinous idea killers.

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