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Make Your Busy-Ness Matter

The frenzy of late summer peaks around now – getting kids back to school or off to college; squeaking out more summer fun before the season changes; assessing work goals 8 months into 12.

In the midst of this, people can become frenetic. We are doing so, so many things. Please make sure that those things matter.

In the busy-ness that is your life, use incredible discretion on how you devote your precious time. Make sure that the busy-ness matters and that you are devoting the best of yourself to the things that matter most – the things of your heart.

I’ve tried to practice this most of my life, with some success. I understand that mundane chores occupy too much time and work can be daunting. But remember that we don’t get this time back. There is only one now, only this moment. You get to pick how to spend that moment.

I work closely with my clients to ensure the work we do really matters to their organization. The projects we pursue aren’t for show or bragging rights but rather advance their mission in the best way possible.

This year the fabric of my life has been shredded in ways I couldn’t imagine. I make a practice to reflect on and learn from situations, and as I have, my beliefs in what I value are stronger than ever. Here are things that I know and that guide my busy-ness:

  • Those who love you and you love are your family. No blood connection is needed.

  • When we are at our most vulnerable, our relationships get stronger, not weaker.

  • When people reveal their character, believe them.

  • Love yourself. Create boundaries and honor them.

Some people view busy-ness as a sport and report their activities like sports scores. I hope they don’t get lost in the busy-ness. I hope they love and honor themselves. And I hope they are making their busy-ness matter.

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