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Harness Your Thoughts

You possess a magnificent power that can change your life in all ways. It's the power of your thoughts.

Before you dismiss this post as New Age drivel, think back on a time when you were thinking of a person - perhaps someone you hadn't seen for awhile - and then within a few days you saw or heard from this person. Think about when you were struggling with an issue and the wisdom to solve it arrived in the lyrics of a song you heard. Think of those times when you just knew something great was going to happen. And it did.

The most powerful creative force in the universe is you, and your thoughts. With them, you can create a life as wonderful - or as challenging - as you want. The problem is, we spend most of our time thinking about what we don't want than what we do. We think of bills and not abundance; disease instead of health; struggle instead of ease. We worry and fuss and focus on the worst case scenario.

It's an easy and terrible habit to slip into negative thinking. "No one will ever hire me," "I'll never be loved," and "I can never get ahead financially" are examples of self-fulfilling prophesies. Instead put your brain to work in a better way. When you claim the positive outcome you want, and believe it, too, then you will behave differently, tackle opportunities that move you in the right direction and create the life you want.

This takes work and practice, but the result you'll see will fill your heart and life with happiness.

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