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My Magic Wand


I have a magic wand. Actually, I have several. I’ve used magic wands throughout most of my adult life and career and they are more princess than Potter. Some might think that using a wand isn’t professional or is just weird. I can see that. But let me tell you what my wands accomplish.

When my career required me to be at a workplace, I always kept a wand at my desk. The wands aren’t always at my side, but I produced one when needed. Public relations professionals are fixers. When colleagues were struggling with a project, a deadline or a difficult relationship, I’d check in to see if I could help. I’d also bring my wand and wave it and tell them everything was going to be perfect. It made them feel better. I think the conversation we had in advance of the wand waving had an impact, too, but it’s better to have folks believe in the magic.

Often I presented colleagues with their own magic wands, extracting their promise to use the wand for good and not evil. And if they can help another along the way, that’s a great use for their wand as well.

I sometimes bring my wand to large business gatherings, but not to be the center of attention. The wand is a prop I use to make it easier for people to approach, to smile and to start a nice conversation. The number one question I get is “is it really magic?” I assure people it certainly is and they smile and want to know more, and often tell me where they need help.

The world can be challenging and difficult sometimes, particularly in the workplace. PR pros can repair and improve most any situation. All you need are great listening skills, thoughtful, strategic answers and a magical wand.

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