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The Magic of Amazing Ideas

A magical, mystical, amazing energetic force surrounds fantastic ideas. When THE idea appears, much more goes on than a benign "a ha!" moment. Your brain recognizes the auspiciousness of the occasion and gives a cerebral nod to the discovered concept.

But millions more amazing things happen away from the brain and that's the magic of amazing ideas. You feel alive and in awe that this single, magical idea breathes life into new ways of thinking. The original idea often spawns dozens or hundreds more. You feel so alive! Your tummy happily hums, your toes tingle, you talk faster and your smile is nonstop.

Just yesterday I was thrilled from head to toe when a close friend called with news. She'd successfully defeated a terrible disease and had been figuring out what to do next. Her first ideas last month were fine, but we both knew they weren't THE idea. When she called yesterday, the second she shared THE idea, I KNEW it was the one, just like she knew it was the one. I got (and still have) goosebumps and tears and uncontainable happiness!

Her exciting and perfect idea has born dozens of more perfect ideas. It's magical. The positive energy that comes from magical ideas creates more positive energy. And that makes the world a better place. We can all experience this kind of joy if we let our hearts speak louder than our brains. Happy idea making!


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