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Time to Grow Some Ideas!

Just about a year ago we discussed killer ideas vs. idea killers. It's true that there's magic in getting the exact right idea at the exact right time. But it's also true that sometimes ideas have to percolate a little before they are accepted. Those are the ideas that grow on you. You see where this is going, right? Your idea = magic. Others' ideas = percolate.

What I'm asking you to do is to let a few of your own ideas percolate. Say you develop a really solid idea, but it just doesn't grab you. Yet you don't have any killer ideas to take its place. Spend some time and let those perfectly fine ideas percolate and develop. Before you know it, you may have just what you need.

We're living in a world where everything has to be superlative: the BEST cup of coffee; the MOST MEMORABLE wedding; the GREATEST event. Keep in mind those superlatives are subjective and an idea that isn't magic to you, just might hold the answer, or may be magical to someone else.

You have infinite creative capacity. Give your ideas a chance to breathe and grow before letting them go.

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